Why Fraser Piano


I am very happy with my new Weber Premium Edition grand piano from Fraser Piano. I have been waiting to purchase a new piano for several years and found the quality and value at Fraser Piano to be very impressive. The service I received was perfect – no pushy sales pitch and Robert Loewen was a pleasure to speak to and deal with. The delivery was prompt and professional, and they sent a very good piano technician out to tune the piano for me once it had acclimated within our home. The sound on this Weber is incredible and even my piano technician has said that he “can’t wait to tune it again” because of the incredible sound quality. As a pianist with a degree in music theory and composition, I have played on many different pianos of varying quality and my new Weber grand is comparable to any of the best pianos I have played. Thank you to Fraser Piano for making this experience fun, affordable, and totally rewarding. I will enjoy this instrument for years to come and look forward to teaching my children on it as well.
Melissa, North Vancouver, BC

1.  Value — We’ll show you what value is. Value is not about getting the lowest price, buying what somebody else has or necessarily settling for the most popular brand name. Value is about establishing what general category your piano needs fall into and then choosing the instrument with the best quality and most reasonable price that fits into that category.

Your choice will likely include an emotional component and you should therefore choose a piano that you can also love playing and admire, as well as one that delivers long lasting satisfaction. Along with well-known popular piano brands there are also some brands we carry which are perhaps not as well known in the this market area as other global markets but which nevertheless represent outstanding value by comparison and deserve an honest and careful look. Please come and see for yourself. You’ll be more than surprised!

2.  youngchangExperience — The owner, Mr. Robert Loewen, is an ideal person to assist you and offer consultation on the subject of how to select a piano. His extensive success and experience as both retailer and wholesale distributor for pianos over the past 36 years makes him one of the most senior authorities in the Lower Mainland. We do not believe in sales hype. Rather we believe in equipping our customers with truthful knowledge that will enable them to make an informed and intelligent decision regarding anything to do with pianos.

3.  We Specialize in Pianos — Yes, we are focused on pianos only and assisting our customers in selecting a piano that will be ideally suited to their needs and budget as well as one they can fall in love with.

4. Fair Pricing — Our new pianos start at $3900. As with other musical instrument purchases, your choice will depend on a combination of your performance demands, model and brand selection as well as budget. We do not artificially inflate our prices in order to negotiate “generous discounts”. We use MAP’s and MSLP’s as our basis to establish fair pricing. We operate out of modest facilities with low overhead and allow you to participate in our savings. In the meantime, however, we give you professional advice based on experience and personal service.

5. Service and Technical — At Fraser Piano Center we employ only top quality technicians and tuners who through their qualifications and reputation have demonstrated their ability to service pianos professionally. All of our pianos whether the lowest priced entry level vertical model or concert quality grands are tuned, regulated, voiced and otherwise prepped properly before delivery. This requires between 7 and 12 hours. Some stores take the easy way out by only doing the bare minimum because many customers can’t tell the difference. However maximum satisfaction and the encouragement to continue playing and studying can only come from a truly well prepped instrument.

6. Delivery — We not only deliver all of our own pianos but conduct piano deliveries for hundreds of other customers every year as well. Please refer to our piano moving page. The proper and safe installation of your piano is our priority. We’ll be happy to deliver to Langley, Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, Surrey, and anywhere in BC.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with truthful and accurate information about pianos and the piano industry in order that we can assist you to make an informed decision on which piano is right and satisfying for you. We would also like to provide you with together with competitive pricing and service that can meet your needs regardless of your playing level and budget. We like to know that your decision to invest in a piano offered at Fraser Piano will be just as satisfying in 5 or 10 years from now and beyond as it is the day you take delivery.

Mr. Robert Loewen, is no newcomer to the piano scene. He has a wealth of experience that can only come after dedicating over 36 years in one line of work. He is not only in a position to consult you knowledgeably and intelligently about pianos, but through his years of experience in traveling has developed solid relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and their owners.